Germany’s Top Tourist Destinations

Germany is located in the European continent. It is a Western European country where there are vast forests, mountain ranges, and all other natural resources. Its capital is Berlin. Tourists who want to have a tour in the country can enjoy their stay because there are so many things that you can do as well as many places to visit. Among the places that you can visit includes Neuschwanstein Castle which is a 19th century hilltop fairy tale castle. It was  built for King Ludwig II.

The Berlin Wall is also a very popular tourist attraction that tells the history of Germany. It was built in 1961 and stood for nearly 28 years which is quite a long time. Another castle that attracts many tourists is the Hohenschwangau Castle. It is also a hilltop castle with an opulent interior. If you want to see King Ludwig II’s palace with a beautiful interior design, come and visit Linderhof Palace. The Heidelberg Castle is also very attractive though it was already a ruined castle on a hillside.

The Sanssouci is an iconic palace of Frederick the Great. A 368m-tall tower stands high with a viewing gallery and a revolving restaurant is the popular Fernsehturm. And if you are on a summer vacation, don’t miss to enjoy your stay at Tropical Islands Resort. It is described as a sprawling tropical theme park with rooms and cottages, an indoor rainforest, a lagoon, and a spa. The Chiemsee is a picturesque lake that features three beautiful islands. These are just a few of Germany’s top tourist destinations.