Arts and Celebrations

As a part of the German culture, Arts is also very popular in the country. All throughout Europe, painting and sculptures in Gothic style are famous. When we say Europe, Germany is surely included. In the 15th century, altar designs are well-known. There were many German artists who showed their skills in different styles such as Baroque, Rococo, including Romanticism and Neoclassicism. You are probably familiar with the paintings such as “The Sin” by Franz Stuck and “Studio Wall” by Adolf Menzel. These are famous German paintings.

And with regards to celebrations, they also enjoy it a lot and have real fun. There are carnivals and festivals that are being celebrated every year where many Germans attend and they actively participate in the activities. The carnivals are celebrated today through street parades and with the people wearing costumes and masks. Wedding is also one of the most joyful celebration in Germany. They still practice the German wedding tradition wherein the bride carry bread and salt with her while the groom carry grains.

Oktoberfest in Munich is one of the most popular festival in the country. Large number of people enjoy the festival and the grounds are filled with rides, food stands, games, and shops. The Asparagus and Onionfest at Schwetzingen and Weimar is quite unique but is also fun. The Germans also have a club festival, the Reeperbahn which is a music festival and is the largest club festival in Europe. The Berlinale, Wurstmarkt, Karneval, and DFB Pokal are all German celebrations that makes everyone enjoy and have fun.