The German Culture

Learning the culture of others is a great advantage. Before having a tour to any city or place in Germany, it is good to know or learn first some facts regarding the German culture including their customs, traditions, and language. The German culture itself is said to be unique. It had a great contribution in the history of Europe. The Germans themselves actually call their country as Deutschland while for English speakers, they call it Germany. In addition, it is known as a country of poets.

Germany has a rich history and is one of the richest country in the world having a stable economy. Almost all of the residents in the country speak the German language which is their official language. Know that they do not only speak German but also there are Germans who can speak at least one of the minor languages such as Upper and Lower Sorbian, Romani, Danish, including North and Saterland Frisian. When it comes to the German clothing, each region have their own traditional costumes.

But the average number of Germans of today dress like that of the Westerners. In Germany, there are different religions including Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and Athiest. Christianity is the highest in terms of number and percentage of members. And with regards to the cuisine as a part of their culture, Germans drink a lot of beer and you can tell that their favorite is sausage and also bread of different taste. You probably know Bach and Beethoven, they are popular classical musicians and are Germans.