Facts to Know about German Wedding Traditions

In every country, there are different wedding traditions that has been passed down from generation to generation. In Germany too, they have amazing unique wedding traditions. One of the wedding traditions which many couples practice in the country is the breaking of porcelains. The couples invite their friends the night before the wedding. This is a sort of a party for them and is called “Polterabend”. They break cups, plates, and even toilets as they believe it brings them luck. Germans also marry twice in their life.

It doesn’t mean that they are to marry another person. They marry the same person. The couple are to get married first at the Civil Registry Office and then they can organize a church wedding as a part of their second marriage celebration which takes place after a couple of months. Do not be surprised when you don’t see a German bride wear a big and elaborate wedding dress on her very special wedding day. It has been a part of the German wedding tradition. This is a garden home look that is good for elders. Open this site 長照管理中心 and you can find good services for meticulous care. This is a good way for a good shelter of nursing home.

A typical German wedding dress has a lace and an A-line cut, reserved with small embellishments. And when it comes to the bridal bouquet, the grooms are the ones who pick up their bride’s bouquet. As a part of the tradition surrounding the bridal bouquet, the groom is supposed to choose the bouquet. It has been a belief that it brings luck. Myrtle also brings luck and should always be a part of the bouquet. The bride and groom are the ones who choose the witness for their wedding.